Dan Appleman: Kibitzing and Commentary

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This week I was quoted in an SD Times story about 64 bit Windows. In it I say:

“Migration to 64 bits is likely to be slow, as is migration to any new technology. What’s more, delays of major products from Microsoft are common, so it’s hard to get excited about them.”

Now, for the record, I was not misquoted. Nor was this taken out of context. However, also for the record, I’d like to include the remainder of the quote that was not included in the article:”

Not only are delays on major products common, but as an industry we would much rather Microsoft take the time needed to “do it right”, and make sure the technology is secure and reliable, than to rush something out the door.
Kudos to Microsoft for having the discipline to wait until it’s truly ready to ship.

Now, on another note. I saw the most remarkable phishing email scam today. The misdirected link was subtle and hard to spot in the message source code, even when I knew what I was looking for. I wrote up a description of this IE specific attack at alwaysuseprotection.com. Visit the page using IE – it’s a trip.