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The Email Encryptor Reborn!

I recommend you remove the comments from the encryption block (it’s convenient, but vulnerable), and that you place the encrypted data in the javascript file and not in your web page.
IF you find the Email encryptor useful, please consider a contribution to cover hosting/bandwidth costs. Just Paypal a few bucks to kibitzer AT gmail DOT com
You can read more about how the encryptor works here.

When Jim Tucek’s Email encryptor was taken down (see story), it left many developers high and dry – especially when they needed to add new Email addresses to existing sites. It took a bit of research, but I’m pleased to present a new Email encryptor that will work with existing code.

Select a number from each list (numbers must be different).

P: Q: or

Enter the email you want to encrypt. Multiple emails are ok- each on it’s own line:

Enter a Subject if you want one:

Encryption code is shown below in the text area. Use this to add new email addresses to existing pages.

Test the code: (be patient, this may take a while for longer lists).

Decrypted emails showed below (each on it’s own line – the mailto: and subject is removed):

Looks good? OK then you’re ready to get the script: and instructions.


You can put the encrypted Email data in the emailProtector.js file, or in your html file. No need to put it in both.

Copy and paste the contents below