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So I was at a Geek dinner in Seattle that Robert Scoble put together. Towards the end of dinner, there I was – surrounded by numerous bloggers, all chanting the mantra of blogging (whatever that may be). Finally, I cracked. I couldn’t take it. I left, a broken hulk of a man, promising Robert that yes, I would join the ranks of bloggers. Only a couple of months ago I posted “Why Dan don’t blog” on the Apress blog site , explaining my reasoning for avoiding it. And you know what? Most of those reasons are still true. No matter. Consistency is overrated anyway.

I still don’t plan to post daily. I still have no interest in posting the minuta of my daily life. I’m still not an information aggregator. But I came to realize that not every blog takes that approach. Maybe there is room in blogging for the mavens of the world.

I decided to name this blog Kibitzing and Commentary (which are sort of the same thing, just one has attitude). I know many blogs focus on specific topics; I have no intention of doing so. So if you aren’t interested in straying from purely technological topics, I encourage you to subscribe to the technology or software categories only.

So here goes. I hope you find what follows interesting and entertaining.
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