Funniest Election News Ever (or how to tell if you’re an extremist)

Ok, I admit I am jet-lagged, which certainly explains why I’m awake at 5:00am in a London hotel room. But it doesn’t explain why today’s election news isn’t the funniest thing I’ve heard yet. And if you don’t find it funny too you’re probably way too extreme (in either direction), are a conspiracy theorist, or have no sense of humor.

Today’s Donald Rumsfeld was quoted as saying:

“Let’s say you tried to have an election and you could have it in three-quarters or four-fifths of the country — in some places you couldn’t because the violence was too great,” Rumsfeld said. “So be it. Nothing’s perfect in life. You have an election that’s not quite perfect. Is it better than not having an election? You bet.”


“Will there be elections? I think so. Might there be some portion of the country where the terrorists decide they’re going to mess things up? Possibly. Does that mean that there won’t be elections? No.”

Reports left out that this is the map he was pointing too at the time:

Picture of map illustrating areas where elections might not occur.

2 Responses to “Funniest Election News Ever (or how to tell if you’re an extremist)”

  1. Haacked Says:

    Ha, I think Rummy intended for N.Y to be black too. 😉

    This is reminiscent of the last election. So what if African-American votes weren’t counted. So be it. Nothing’s perfect in life.

  2. Dan Says:

    A few people have asked me if, in fact, Rumsfeld was refering to the U.S. in his quotes. Just to clarify, he was referring to Iraq – the map is the product of my overactive imagination and Photoshop.
    The irony of a member of this administration talking about the acceptability of an election that’s “not quote perfect” is just too funny for words.

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