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My name is Dan Appleman. I wear a lot of hats: Software developer, CTO, CEO, author, publisher, consultant, columnist and teacher. This blog is where I write opinions and commentaries that don’t fit on the other sites I’m involved in. I won’t bore you with the trivialities of my rather ordinary life. And I’m not an information aggregator – don’t come to me to find out what’s going on. Here I’m the kibitzer, the contrarian, the advocate for the minority viewpoint. I’m not politically correct. And if you have no sense of humor, please take a hike.
The opinions I share on this site are my own. They do not represent the official view of ANY of the companies I’m involved with (such as Full Circle Insights, Desaware Inc, etc.).

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Comments on this board are moderated. This is to prevent comment spam. In most cases I’ll approve comments within 24-48 hours. Sometimes I’ll ignore them for months. I have no problem with comments that challenge or disagree with mine – as long as they are reasonably civil.


Suggestions on topics and pointers to interesting blogs and articles are most welcome. Given that I already have an email addresses at desaware.com, it stands to reason that the last thing I would want is yet another email address. But given that humans tend to rationalize rather than be rational, I invite you to contact me at .


From the Yiddish: 1) To offer advice, often meddlesome or unwanted. 2) To chat or converse.


Tell me no secrets, I’ll tell you no lies. I won’t sell or share any names or email addresses. Beyond that, anything you send me by posting on this site is considered public, as is anything you send me by Email unless you explicitly request it be kept confidential (in which case I’ll do my best, but make no legally binding promise of confidentiality).

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Sure I could hire an expensive lawyer to write up a long, complex, legal and unintelligible terms of service. Maybe sometime I will. Meanwhile, here it is in plain English:

  • Neither I, nor anyone who posts on this site is responsible for anything that happens as a consequence of you reading it. Even if what’s posted is incorrect or an outright lie.
  • If it’s on this site I own the copyright unless otherwise noted. You can’t use it, reproduce it, edit it, or eat it without my permission. Short “fair use” attributed quotes are fine as long as they link back to the source. Trademarks belong to whoever owns the trademark (in case of disputes the lawyers of both parties will be taken to the field outside and required to settle things in a battle to the death).
  • If you follow a link from this site you’re as likely as not to find yourself in mortal danger from viruses, scams, advertisers, politicians and monsters of all sorts. Follow links at your own risk. Stay here at your own risk. Play Risk at your own risk.
  • If you’re a lawyer and would like to contribute a suitably complex, legal and unintelligible terms of service agreement to use here, please sent me an Email. I obviously need all the help I can get.